Project of the Week for March 13, 2018

Nominations are open for this week’s Project of the Week (PotW). You can nominate simply by replying to this thread. Self-nominations are allowed.

The selected project will be highlighted in the Maslow newsletter. The user will receive a “Project of the Week” badge on the forums, a prize from Bar and Hannah, and free admission to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C.

Nominations close no earlier than Saturday, voting (if needed) Sunday & Monday, announcement Tuesday. We’ll keep it to one PotW each week for now; hopefully someday we’ll have so many wonderful projects we’ll have to go with Projects of the Week. After nominations from the community have been made, I’ll post a poll for the community to pick a winner. If we don’t get enough nominations, I will randomly select projects from previous weeks’ nominations, the back issues of both the Maslow newsletter and Made on Maslow to appear in a poll of at least three projects. Projects that don’t win in a poll can be renominated on subsequent weeks. Any project can only win once, but any person can win multiple times.

What makes a PotW? It can be a project made on a Maslow CNC that shows off the Maslow’s capabilities, or demonstrates a new way of using the Maslow, or just plain looks cool. It can also be a project not made on a Maslow that makes a great contribution to the Maslow community.

Final note: like most things here on the forums, the community is what makes PotW successful. Suggestions for improving the PotW and volunteers to help run the PotW thread are always welcome.

Our first nomination comes from last week’s thread. @akamcfly nominated @arnoldcp’s Barky Bowl, which can be seen at Calibration - “Failed to execute script main”

Who else would like to nominate?

I vote to nominate Badaboom Berlin for their window display


How about the Maslow lamp


They’re all awesome, but I’m all about the fuzzy wuzzy boggy. :heart_eyes:


This is great! We’re less than 12 hours into the PotW cycle and already have three nominations, which is enough for a poll. There’s a room for more, though. Keep 'em coming!

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Hey @jwolter, looks like no poll was ever created for this week. We’ll acknowledge all the awesome nominations in the newsletter, but I guess we’ll have to skip out on an “official winner” for this week. Everyone wins! Yay!

Ugh, yes. I got wrapped up in other projects. Don’t forget we had a winner last week, though. Maybe I should put up a belated poll and we’ll report a winner in the next newsletter.

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Better late than never, here’s the poll for this week’s PotW

  • Blsteinhauer’s Maslow Cut Lamp
  • BADA BOOM Berlin’s Window Installation
  • arnoldcp’s Barky Bowl

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arnoldcp’s Barky Bowl

BADA BOOM Berlin’s Window Installation

Blsteinhauer88’s Maslow Cut Lamp

Vote early and often…well, the poll will only let you vote once, so do that.

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And the official winner for March 13th is BADA BOOM Berlin’s Window Installation. Congratulations!