Bought Original Kit - Building now Jun 2018

This question may be overly broad, but I’ll ask anyway.
I bought the original kit with Z - Axis and am now building.
While the kit and directions has evolved, my kit being original has not and was wondering
if I build the original kit with today’s directions, (ie, the round ring is now included in the directions) what
is the most important things I need to know without reading the entire forum from beginning.
For example, do I build from an earlier revision for the sled, or should I buy build the ring sled?
Is there major gotcha’s that are not addressed in the current build directions?

Hope this makes sense.


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I would advise getting the ring kit and building from the current instructions and plans. Much has changed and improved on the road to the current plans. :wink:


Okay. I just needed a nudge to spend that extra money :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t be sorry, the ring setup is much better than the old quad one. :+1:t2::100: