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Broken Maslow - drops 1/2" on move command

Well, we had trouble with the maslow, I assume an electrical spike fried a few things. We replaced the Arduino Mega, no love, replaced the motor controller, no love, replaced the WebControl software, no love.

We reset the eerom, no love
We reset the chains, no love
We re did everything, no love

So really we were in a HATE relationship.

This machine would respond to individual motor moves. It would do a motor check and all three axis would move as expected.

Move from 0,0,0 up one inch, it drops 1/2" and errors out.

What we did to solve it:

  • Install Arduino programming IDE and compile and install the firmware manually
  • Install a new version of WebControl

It complains about the compatibility of the Firmware, but works.

I can only assume the WebControl software had configuration setting that were corrupt. The firmware and/or eerom were corrupt as well. Using WebControl to reinstall the firmware did nothing.

When this machine works, it works pretty well, when it breaks, be ready for some CNC Hell.

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