Building linkages with hardware store lumber?

I’m considering building a set of linkages. I’ve seen the thread “throwing my hat into the sled modification ring” and have the basic idea of what is required.

Has anyone built one using 1x4s, or other stock/dimensioned lumber such as might be readily available at a hardware store?

Bonus question: does a bolt through two pieces of wood (with some washers and a nut) make a reasonable rotating joint, or do you really want something different for smooth rotations?

just get a 6’ piece of long flat steel or aluminum bar, lowes and home depot sell it.
5/8" wide or 3/4" wide will work fine, cut it into 8 equal lengths of 9" and drill a 1/8" hole on 1/2" away from each end. Use that as a template so all the other bars have holes the same distance apart. thsi will give you 8" linkage arms. next drill the holes bigger to whatever bolt size you will use 5/16 or 3/8" recommended. Many people use 9" distance between holes, our kits use 7" between holes. Depends on what router you are using and how much space you need. You can add brass bushings like we do in our kits if you want to get fancy, but it should work good enough with just the metal to metal rubbing., put a little grease on it and good luck.