Burned out Motor Driver?

Hey All,

Today I made a boo boo … The Maslow sled hit one of my clamps that was holding my material down.
It was jammed for quite some time before I noticed… (IM ONLY BLAMING MYSELF GUYS)

After it hit the clamp the chain bound on itself. See Below.

When I got it all unhooked. The maslow wouldn’t move either motor. The arduino still connects to the computer and seems to be registering its location. But it just wont move when asked.

Also … on the driver board the 12v LED power light does not light up anymore …
I have found someone locally who can replace the 2 L298P chips…

Will this help me?

Thoughts. Now that the Maslow team is gearing down … Im a little freaked out.
Any help would be appreciated

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@mrhall4 Welcome , sorry this happend. PM me your address and phone number please.

Thank you

If the 12v LED on the board doesn’t light, then the problem is upstream from there. Make sure that the 12v power supply is plugged in. There is a blue led on the power brick, if that isn’t lit then the motors won’t get power.