Calculation errors running GCode

Just loaded GC V1.12, Firmware 1.12 and did a full calibration. Now i’m getting weird bugs. First the M3 command no longer turns on my IoT switch. Next, I’m getting a ton of calculation errors:image

Not sure what’s happening here but I’m hoping it holds on until I finish my current job then I’ll go back to the previous versions.

You should be safe to ignore those. That’s a new feature in 1.12 which will replace very large arcs (with a radius of thousands of inches) with a straight line. The issue is that doing sin or cos math on a circle with that size of radius will be inaccurate and it is more precise to use a straight line.

The real solution is to figure out why the CAM program is approximating straight lines with massive arcs, but if you are OK with the firmware cleaning them up the file should run more accurately than it would have in an earlier version of the firmware which didn’t detect that issue.

I think we should replace that warning with something less dire sounding because it really does sound like something is wrong.

Any suggestions on how to make it more friendly sounding?

“For improved accuracy this line will be replaced by G1”?

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Now that I know what it is, I feel better. Definitely a more softened tone would help and your suggestion is as good as any.
Any thoughts on what happened to the M3 command function?

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If you want shorter, maybe “Optimizing G2 -> G1”?

I don’t know how important succinctness is.