Calibration after upgrading from 0.97 to 1.02 caused the distance between motors to be way off

I upgraded my Ground Control (Windows 10 portable) and Arduino to the 1.02 version from 0.97. While going through the calibration steps, I inadvertently hit the wrong button to extend the left chain 1000mm in the step that measures the distance between motors. After realizing what I did, I hit the “Stop motor” button. I was able to go the rest of the way through the wizard.

After hooking up my sled and finishing the wizard, the sled proceeded to drop to the floor. I ended up pulling the shield’s power before the chain extended past its maximum length.

I came back inside where I could see the screen better (I have to keep my Maslow outside and it was very sunny today) and looked at the settings. It appears that the wizard thought that the chain extended the full 1000mm even though I stopped the actual motion. I had renamed the old .ini file so that I could compare the before and after values (as well as manually measured the distances with a tape measure).

This might be where others are running into issues after upgrading or going through the calibration wizard. Maybe simply renaming the stop button to “emergency stop” and then warn that the calibration may be incorrect would help.


This sounds like a bug for sure. I’ve filed a bug for the issue here:

I’ll try to make it so the stop button does not have and effect on the measured distance, and if that proves impossible for some reason I will update the text to indicate that it should be used as an emergency stop only like you pointed out.

Thanks for finding that, and explaining so clearly what happened so that it will be easy for me to track down!

I don’t know how easy it will be to track the actual amount of chain fed out with the stop button in play. I figured the easiest would be to just bail out and have that step run again (possibly the same with other steps that offer to stop the chain motions).


That might be the case. Even when the stop button is used, the machine should know where it is so it might be possible to make it so the stop button has no ill effects

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