Calibration alignment no movement


I am (finally) getting round to setting up our maslow and have an odd issue around the initial motor alignment to get cogs at 90 degrees.

Whilst the motor test works for both motors I get no movement for any incremental rotational request in the chain length set up, i.e 1, 5 or 360 degree. I get a slight buzzing and then no movement. ‘Automatic’ moves the motors but not too any particular position.

When further into the calibration ‘extend’ and ‘retract’ seem to move accurately.

Using GC and firmware 1.24.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.


Hmmm that is strange. I can’t think of a reason that those buttons wouldn’t work but the others would. Even pressing the move 5 degrees button a lot of times doesn’t move the motors?

Are you referring to cog adjustment buttons 0.1, 1 and 5 degrees? 0.1 is so small I cannot tell that it moved but motor makes noise. 1 degree can be seen if you are closely watching the cog when button is pressed. 5 degree can be noticed from afar but is still a small change. I am using v1.2.4 firmware too so it’s probably not a code issue.

I think that ‘automatic’ only works in positioning top cog tooth up only if you have previously successfully calibrated.

Thanks guys. Seemed to be a UTS error and all working well now. Was making eggs instead of circles but managed to configure that and running very sweetly now.

Thanks again!


I have a simiilar problem, while calibrating plus I when entering mesurements, the the of the sheet to mesure 5 (i think) would not accept my numbers… and now when operating,I have the sled wont keep up

Glad it worked for you.

Some measurement may require valid minimums and maximums. I believe the whole Calibration process is in Millimeters (mm) so 5mm would probably not be valid.

This can be caused by too fast cutting speed and/or too great a depth.

To help figure this out please let me know:

  • What version of GroundControl you are using?
  • Router bit size?
  • Router bit flutes (1-4)?
  • Router RPM?
  • Feed rate (IPM - MMPM)?
  • Cutting depth?
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