Calibration and Centre Problem

I that case, do a coreXY version with grbl and some high power steppers mounted
at an angle and you should be good to go.

David Lang

Hmmm…darn. So we are in a situation where you have calibrated several times without luck, you have reset everything fully and re-calibrated with no change in behavior. The test motors / encoders all pass. How much error are you currently seeing again?

Edit: Perhaps the holly calibration in Web Control could be worth a try?

Hello, I’ve taken ages to get back in the shed and had to make everything by hand recently so apologies for my stupidly slow reply!

So i’ve re-installed everything today, calibrated the machine three times and my cuts are all wrong still.

Circles are turning out oval. I set the machine to do a 15cm circle, the result is an oblong shape of 15.5cm wide by 17.3cm vertically. The machine also thinks the centre point is way further down that it should be. Any ideas? I’ve spent hours and hours on this now, so close to giving up!

it sounds like your number for the beam height from the workpiece is wrong.