Calibration and Interoperability between GC and WC

I’ve had my Maslow for about a week and have been tinkering a lot. I’m now trying to dial in the calibration as best as possible. I started from scratch with GC and after the first Calibration, the X-Axis was perfect, but the Y-Axis was terrible. (short by 1/4" on a 6" cut)… So I did the test cuts again. This time, the X-Axis was near perfect, and the Y-Axis was close. (Nailed it on a 2x2" square, but 1/16" off on bot x and y axis on a 6" square.

So, I figured I was getting there and gave it one more try, but it got worse. 1/16" off both axis on a 2" square, 1/8" off on Y axis on a 4" square and 1/8" off on Y axis on a 6-inch square.

So, my question is, if I try the Holey Calibration in WC, and that improves things, will the calibration also take effect in Ground Control? I don’t really want to run WebControl with the web interface etc. I think it’s unnecessarily complex and I found it to be a little unreliable when it came to retaining connectivity via USB etc.

Any other suggestions?

the two different types of calibration use different firmware. But the cutting
is the same with either one.

The problem you may run into is that WC pushes settings to the firmware
at startup, I don’t know if GC does the same thing. If it does, it could mess up
the calibration that’s stored on the arduino

I don’t know if there is an ability to disable this feature.

David Lang

OK. As a test, I ran through the Holey Calibration in WC, cut the same 3 squares (2", 4" and 6") and the results were similar. For the 2" square, it was perfect. For the 4" square, the Y-axis was 1/16" off and for the 6" square the Y-axis was 1/8" off… (In both cases, the Y-Axis was short)


That’s in the ballpark of the what most people are able to get the machine to do
in practice.

Go back through calibration and measure very carefully (possibly
invest in a top quality tape measure (look up tier 1 vs tier 2 tape measures)

David Lang

Should I expect the same 1/8" inaccuracy on a 12" or 24" square or would you expect the inaccuracy to grow with longer/larger cuts?

you really need to check, the errors on the maslow are not simple X/Y errors,
they result in curved error lines, with different errors in different parts of
the workpiece.

David Lang