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Calibration for the vertical axis

Hi guys, I have been trying to setup Maslow and ran into the following issue: cuts on the vertical (Y) axis are off by 1/8 inch. More specifically, I have been trying to cut a square with size of 1.5 inches and I am getting a 1.375 inch side on the vertical (Y) axis.

I had the same problem with the horizontal (X) axis. However, I blindly adjusted the “distance between motors” value until I got needed horizontal side length.

Do you know what parameters I need to adjust to scale the vertical axis? It looks like changing the “motor offset Y” does not help with scaling the vertical axis. Am I wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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it’s not a matter of changing one item to scale the Y and a different item to
scale the X, when you changed the distance between motors, you changed both the
X and Y location

see List of sources of error for a detailed
discussion of the problem

basically you need to carefully do the calibration (try a more accurate tape
measure possibly) or try the holey calibration method that’s available with
webcontrol (although you may want to wait a day, it seems a bug snuck in,
probably going to be fixed this weekend)

David Lang