Calibration issue? Unable to test the motors (SOLVED)

I was able to upload the Firmware 1.25 via ArduinoIDE

Apparently I am using GroundControl 1.26… not sure if this is the issue. At this moment I am trying to hear the motor run… Unfortunately nothing yet. Any idea on the next action?

Screenshot included.

One thing that happened to all of us at one point was the power was connected to the arduiono, instead of plugged in to the shield because they have the same socket.

I got my maslow from makermadecnc, the shield was already on the arduino.
As you can see i have both the usb + power supply connected to it. No other powering source…

Some other pictures hopefully it helps to identify my mistake.

I see a plug on the shield and would connect the power there.

You are totally right! I somehow didnt see that plug at all…

Welcome to the club!
It you have access to a 3d printer you can make a plug to protect it from happening again :slight_smile:
Seems this was prominent enough for someone to make a plug →

Lol I am just gonna use red eletric tape :grinning: dont have a 3d printer