Motorshield has no powersupply

Hi Everybody

I built the frame for my Maslow CNC and started the calibration.
The Motors were not responding so I checked the Motos Shield. The LED which indicates the powersupply is not shining. I measured the Input power which gives 12V on the board.
Is my shield broken?

Thanks and greetings

The power needs to be plugged into the motor shield and not the arduino. Do you have it plugged in correctly?

Yes it’s pluged in the motor shield. The Arduino is supplied from the USB connection i assume?!

I’d reach out to @MakerMadeCNC and ask them for help troubleshooting. It looks to be an issue with the controller… maybe a bad solder or barrel connector?

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Please reach out to our support line at and we will get you a replacement shield in the mail asap.


Hey Chris
I contacted the Maslow Support, The MakerMade Support and the MakerMade main info.
Didn’t got any answer til now… My Project is totally stuck without this piece. Do you know if there is a reseller in Europe?

Thanks for your Support!

We will get you a power cord out first thing in the morning.

The powercord is not the problem. I mesure 12V on the input of the motorshield.
There has to be a problem with the shield it self.