Calibration lost problems

What could be the problem, when i start my gcode, i have instaled 6mm baltic birch plywood, i have makita router with 4mm cutting bit and motor speed at max rpm. I have defined feed rate 200mm/minute and step down 3mm. After some cm routing my device looses usb connection and calibration.

The operating system you use could give a clue.
Generally OS independent the advice is to turn off all screen savers, power saving, down to the bios.
If you have something that puts your system to sleep you will face this kind of issue.

This can also happen from RF interference from a tool in the shop. We found that with Hannah’s laptop a particular power drill would cause the USB connection to drop.

A shorter USB cable could help, or some folks have had good luck moving the USB cable away from other wires


But if i take out router or set step down set to about 1mm, all works good. And i have created aluminium screen around Arduino, but with out grounding it. It couldnt be that feed rate or step down is too big?

Next to our building, about 50-100m from us, is atomic magnetic experinwntal center, maybe this is problem?

It could be that your router produces more magnetic field when it is working harder…that’s the only reason I can see lowering the size of the step down making a difference.

It sounds like you are right on the threshold and a shorter USB cable might just do the trick

I have not actually tested it but I know with other electronics a ferrite collar can be used. @bar do you know if anyone has tried them with a Maslow?

Ok, will get and try shorter usb cable. On which cables i need to put on ferrite?

I am not sure what frequency you would need but I would put it on your USB cable, both a shorter cable and a ferrite are just ways to help eliminate interference coming into the USB cable.

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Could i put them on router powwer cord to? We have 220v 50hz supply?

I would just do some research on them, I have never heard of them hurting a cables performance, so I wouldn’t see why not. But like I said, I have never done this for my Maslow.

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We have seen other folks get good results with ferrite collars on both the USB cable and the router power cable

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Finaly get my 1,5m long usb cable with originaly pressed ferrites on, that solved problem. But while i was waiting for cable, i made aluminium case aroung arduino, and made it grounded. Problem solved