Calibration moving in wrong direction

I have my Maslow all set up. I can use the jog buttons and the sled moves in the correct direction. The incremental moves are also accurate.

When I go to do the calibration / test cuts the first move is always going in X+ and Y- direction, it does a cut then heads up to the X+ Y+ direction but goes over the top of the material.

When I look at the simulation in ground control and send it back home the tool is coming from X- Y- back up to zero. So it seems like its working backwards. BUT when you jog the axis around manual it acts normal.

Any suggestion?



This sounds to me like an issue with the motor cables being swapped, that’s the first place I would look.

A quick way to test is to run Actions -> Test Motors/Encoders and see if the left motor moves when it says it’s testing the left motor

I’ll run the test. However. When I jog x- it goes x- x+ goes x+. Same with Y axis.