Updated firmware and motor movement is not correct

Hi All,

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I was running version 11 GC with version 9 Firmware. Things were sort of working except for some wonky issues that I believe are on the CAM setup, which I am going to figure out soon.

Where I am now is my calibration settings became messed up after updating to v. 11 firmware. I found a few posts (referenced above) that I thought would set me in the right direction to get moving again. The problem now is Maslow only wants to travel vertical. This occurs when I attempted to adjust the z-axis to zero and then while trying to get the sled back to center in GC. The sled just wants to move down even if I push left/right etc or adjust z-axis to zero. I am not sure if updating the firmware caused this but it seems GC kept the values in memory but is not recognizing them or this last update messed something up.

I marked the sprockets and chains after my first test cut calibration so I would not need to do it again. With some measurements, everything checked out good. I also saved the measurement information including what GC told me was the motor CC distance.

I have a lot of other burning questions and suggestions but I think the root cause needs to be addressed before asking or stating them. In the future I will not be so quick to update GC or firmware if the machine is working.

If someone knows of a fast solution to this, I would love to hear it. My next option is to install an older version of GC and firmware and hopefully not have to start over with calibration.

Any advice is super appreciated!


EDIT: I will keep everything installed so we can troubleshoot if needed. If the temp solution is to go back to an older version of software/firmware, I am cool with that.

Hmmm I don’t have much experience with running GC 1.11 with firmware 1.09. They are generally not compatible between versions like that.

I can’t think of any reason you would need to do the whole calibration process again. A much quicker option would be to run Actions->Set Chain Lengths Automatic which should get the machine back into a known state in just a few minutes.