Maslow moving in reverse

My maslow cnc all of a sudden is moving in the exact opposite directions as being shown in ground control. I haven’t made any major changes like switching computers, it just all of a sudden started doing this. Could anyone please advise what I should do?

When the chains are changed from feeding over the top to feeding underneath, there is a setting that needs to be changed to reverse the motors for that. Have you changed the chains recently?


Ok I got it working. I just needed to uninstall and redownload ground control.

However, another issue arose while cutting the triangular test cut pattern. I accurately measured the necessary distances and entered them in, however GC told me that calibration could not be completed with these measurements. What can I do about this?


Hmmm that usually means that something has gone wrong and it is computing that the sled has a negative weight (which isn’t right). Basically it means that one of the other calibration values is pretty far off, probably the distance between the motors.