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Calibration troubleshooting whis makerverse

Hello, I have a maslow that I never really managed to calibrate with groundcontrol so I decided to buy the arduino card from makerverse. Problem when I connect the motors and I follow the steps to calibrate the cnc, when I press to move any axis even the Z my left and right motor rotate indefinitely. On the control panel it is written that only the Z axis is moving (machine and work position move only for the Z axis, the X and Y remain at 0) while the Z axis does not move. I really don’t understand the origin of this problem, could someone help me ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Which card specifically is it? Do you think you could give us a picture of your setup?

did you home it or reset the chains before you moved the z axis? If not, it will behave erratically until it thinks it has a home even if the home isn’t perfect.

This is also indicative of a loose motor wire. I had a bent pin on the z-axis and has the x and y motors run continuously when I moved Z.

Any resolve? Im having this issue aswell. Have checked all connections to board and motors.

Hi ! For me my mistake was to forget to set home before moving the sledge :slight_smile: