Calibration problems, wrong measurements

Hi, I have tried to calibrate my machine many times and everything seems to work very well, but when cutting there are some variations in the measurements. For example, I had a 15cm x 15cm square cut, however the height of the cut was 15.1cm. I tried to vary the measurement from the working area to the motors, however the height of my cuts did not change. What could be causing these variations?

what calibration system are you using? the recommended one is the holey
calibration (drills 6 holes and take a bunch of measurements)

look at the thread ‘sources of errors’ and see all the things that can
contribute to the problems

that being said, 1mm off is getting pretty good. you may need to get a more
accurate tape measure to get better measurements to improve it (see the thread
on class 1 vs class 2 tape measures)

David Lang