More Problems in moving & Ratio

I’m posting in No Judgment because some of this might be my fault and not the software.

So at the moment, here is where we are at. I have made 4 successful cuts since a full calibration in 1.11. I have not done anything else yet. It was suggested to try 2 test cuts. Today I tried several files. I had problems. these were not the test, but additional files related to the existing cuts. I figured I should finish the piece while in reference to it’s existing cuts.

First question, Dose Ground Control try to guess at limits?

I will post a file here. It was made with Makercam.

Here is the issue I’m enquiring about. The Maslow is aware of where the center sheet is this is because selecting return to center returns to the center of the sheet. At least I put reference marks when the sled was at the center. Moved the sled, then asked it to return to the center. It lined up with the marks very well.

Asking it to cut the attached file. It went to a location based on defined home and started pecking a drill routine. It gave a USB error saying disconnected, yet on the right it showed connected?

Basically it then gave me a message I probably am no longer in calibration and suggested I remove the sled and recalibrate. I ignored this. Knowing the issue took place while it was in Z movement I assumed it lost zero for Z. I manually reset Z Zero, then went to manual calibration and typed the values from my first successful calibration. I hit Return to Center and it did.

I then started a cut of the This was working as it did originally. I stopped it and moved the sled up to the top of the sheet. If It is 8 inches below the top edge of my sheet and I ask it to move 9 inches it will do it. If I ask it to move up an inch at a time it will go until it is located off what it thinks the top of the sheet is. Once off the top it will take a command, the motors make sound, but they will not move any further up. Is this by design?

I had problems placing a cut at the bottom edge of my sheet. This was approximately 6 inches lower then what it was showing the edge of the sheet. I defined it as home and started the cut and it drilled the one hole and gave ne a USB error. I think it is a false positive. Am I asking it to work out of bounds and it’s saying NO I don’t calculate where I am because I’m outside my work area?

I have an outer frame so I’m expecting to use materiel all the way to the edges.

I also marked a space 1 inch off the top center to place a Z zero touch point with the intension of setting a routine to move the router to this zone and automatically calculating Z zero.

I feel I’m probably pushing the limits of the software as designed currently. An insight would be helpful. (170.5 KB)

Thank you

I asked the same question. See here for Bar’s answer: Odd Ground Control, run away condition

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Per @bar replying to @Jayster

Is there an option to redefine the space or disable the limits?

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Haha, I just asked the same question on the post I just listed.

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Yes, the machine will try to protect itself from damage by not leaving the work area. An inches to mm conversion issue when saving a file could for example try to make it go off the edge and hurt itself.

You can adjust where these limits are using the Work Area dimensions in the settings.

The criteria for giving a USB error is to not receive data from the machine for several seconds which is a pretty good test of if the connection has really dropped. It will reconnect automatically if the connection opens up again so you can see “connected” and the popup warning you that the connection dropped at the same time. I would look into something causing RF interference. I discovered that one corded drill would consistently cause the USB connection to drop from Hannah’s computer

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Would a cable like this help with RF shielding?

Tripp Lite USB 2.0 Hi-Speed A/B Cable with Ferrite Chokes (M/M) 6-ft. (U023-006)

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I imagine that it would but I don’t speak from experience

Is this certain? If I remove the sled and chains :grin: I can use the ‘Move Here’ to send the “sled” above the height of the motors, or beyond the motors on either side. :thinking: Setting ‘Home’ there, a simple cut file runs.

Is this in the simulator or in practice? The cross hairs will show the machine going off in any direction, but the motors will not actually move just hum

So my observation was once I’m out of bounds the sled will not continue in the direction it is out of bounds. The Cross hairs will go forever but hitting return to center, indeed returns to center. If I’m inside the boundary when I execute, it will complete the request. I was 8 inches below my “parking home” position off the worksheet when I asked it to go 9 inches it complied. After that I asked it to go an inch up. It mechanically wouldn’t.

Thank you

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That sounds like exactly what I would expect to happen :+1:

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You’re right, the tone changes but the sprockets stop turning. :+1: Hard to see from across the room :upside_down_face:


Now is it expected that if I start a “cut” with the sled out of bounds that it will basically move to a point and stop?

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I’m not sure I understand the question but I will try to answer anyway. :grinning:

Anything that the machine tries to cut out of bounds will not be cut, the machine will move along the edge of the sheet closest to where it would be.

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