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Calibration question

pick a length of chain that is a multiple of 6.35mm that’s close to 0,0. This
will have a tooth on the sprocket at 12 o’clock. mark the link that’s on this

now go into settings and change the value from 1651mm to whatever this length

now when your chains get messed up, you just need to set the sprocket to have a
tooth at 12 o’clock and use the option to set the chain lengths.

this is going to be far more accurate than determining that your sled is exactly
centered in your circle.

but you could find what the chain lengths are when it’s exactly centered and
then use the existing mechanism to set the chain lengths to that.

David Lang

Right, but the sled will be precisely inside the circle, or not. The error must be one whole chain link (on either side) which means the sled will be out by a noticeable amount. If it’s not noticeable then it should be all good.

it’s only going to be an entire chain link if you set a sprocket tooth to 12
o’clock, otherwise it could be any amount of error.

Since we can measure the top bar motor spacing pretty reliably, would it make sense to have that be a static user input and only other numbers are tweaked by the code?

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manually inputting the motor spacing is a good idea (see my long post on the
history and details)

but it should still be able to be tweaked a bit, but probably some limits put on
the tweaking (see the discussion on tape measure accuracy that took place at the
bottom of ‘in search of accurate measurements’

and to summarize my long post, I think we need both manual and automatic
measurement of the motor spaceing

David Lang