Calibration square is rotated

I got my squared eventually. but the square is rotated to about -4 degrees. So the top right corner is higher than the left. Any advice on this?? Is this my Frame?
@bar Please assist as Maker Made isn’t coming back to me

Would you also accept suggestions from others in the Forum? There are allot of helpful people here, covering all time-zones around the globe. A collaboration often gets the issue sorted out, because what the one is not thinking of, the other brings in.
As much information as you can is the key to solve this fast.

Kind regards, Gero

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Hi, Yes def. I only Tagged BAR @Gero becasue he alwasy helps. Maby u can assist me i would really appreciate it


Allot of folks here will.

Lets get the standard questions out of the way:

  • what is the Maslow kit, is this a M2?
  • what is the software you are using for the Maslow
  • are your motors level
  • is the sheet level
  • are the chains the same length, was there a chain jumping a sprocket

Edit: pictures can help, one of the frame and one of the sled

Will get these to you asap,

Im not home at the moment so will update. Thanks

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I would guess that your chains are not the same length, you may have had the
chain jump on you.

a 4 degree angle is significant and I don’t think your top beam is going to be
that far off without you noticing it.

David Lang


-M2 upgrade machine
-makerverse 1.0.6

The wasteboard is not the same distance from the motors right and left… Right is about 6mm higher than left.

So my step would be to sort this out firts i take it and then we can move from there. @dlang @Gero

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Measured from what point? If the sheet is turned 6mm and you measured from the edge of the sheet the square should still be level (if the motors are level), but will look angled to the edge of the sheet.
If motors and sheet are level and the square still is tilted, then a different chain length could be the reason. Is there a manual for the calibration? Is there a procedure to set the sprockets at 12’o clock and feed out chains? Sorry, the

calibration knowledge is not wide spread in the Forum.

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I calibrated the machine about a year again with the original Maslow setup. Never really made big cuts or squares. So never noticed it really…

I think it might be the top beam that is not aligned. How can i measure or fiqure out if its the level of the motors or a chain link skip?

Measure the chains to see if they are the same length.
For level of motors I used a clear tube with water, only challenge to have no air bubbles in it.

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Great let mw start with this first thing tomorrow morning, apologies its almost 12at night here.

Thanks @Gero your really invested in this community i see.



Okay right chain is almsot a chain link to short? can i just adjust this manually by skipping a link?

seems not good enough for me. But you can try, if you know if the right chain is a link short or the left a link long. Is there a procedure to feed out the chains where both sprockets are set with one tooth set at 12 o’clock?

Edit: Did you follow this calibration? How to calibrate your M2 using Makerverse 1.0.6 - YouTube

Hi, no this is still very Gray for the M2 it seems. Im going to try the right first and then left

When you say M2 upgrade machine, do you mean you have hte M2 sled with the old electronics? If so, then are you using webcontrol? If you have the new electronics, this won’t work. If you are using webcontrol and you marked your chains at initial extension, you can use the reset chains feature. You align your motor sprockets on each side so one tooth is vertical, then put the chains on at the mark you made and then press the reset button and you should be lined back up to recut. If you are using CNCjs / MakerVerse , I’m sorry, I don’t know how to help you yet.

At least I found a video. The calibration seem sophisticated from what I can tell from the footage. No chance to test it though or to look into the code.

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Yes its M2 upgrade kit with the makerverse.

Ill keep updating on my progress


I did not find a video or documentation of the initial setup, putting the chains on the sprockets and attaching the sled. @Hidden_Customs, do you have some insight of that?

Same i dont have anything on this. Here is the setup manual for the M2Maslow M2 Frame Assembly v4.step (85.7 KB)

Uploading: M2-Assembly-Guide-v1_5.pdf…