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Machine is quite un-calibrated (M2)

I have built the frame based on the numbers in the spreadsheet.
The frame is accurate and square.

When I do the test, the machine indicates it is quite uncalibrated.
The edge test was fine, the precision test is not fine. (Quite un-calibrated)

I cannot find where it says what end mill to use- I saw it once but I am going to so many different locations for directions, I cannot find it again.

Please confirm the end mill bit I should be using for calibration.
Thank you for your time.

I just re-calibrated again.
am getting rather good at it :slight_smile:

I ensured my bet size (3074,1548) (121"x61") was both in the calibration area and the setting area.
When I did the edge calibration, it was really close, within a few mm.
I let the calibration take effect and then I did the same edge calibration. I had not repeated it before.

The MM2 now believes it has a 96x48" work area. Even though on the calibration and in the settings it shows the correct size.

It moves to the exact position as if it were a standard bed, but before the first calibration (before I let the calibration take effect) it was within mm of the 121x61" bed.

I am thinking the calibration is not liking the bed size and is running home to the original spec for the machine.
Please help.

This is super interesting…
I just did the edge test for a third time and it seems to be working… I am a little confused, as I had not made any changes… but happy!
I will sent another report after I complete this test.

I had started this thread with a question, but now have a pretty accurate result with edge calibration.
I am reluctant to do the more accurate calibration, cuz that is where it has gone wrong in the past.
Any insight into what I experienced would be appreciated.

Curious what precision (error) are you getting in the corners, after calibration? I have also tried the calibration multiple times (holey algorithm on the M2) and keep getting told that my precision could be better (it is ~2-3 mm off in the corners, which is much more than I would like)

That is around where I left it yesterday with the edge precision.
I will be doing more calibrations today to see if it will get closer.

When I go to the more precise calibration, it gets really screwy.
It gets less precise in a hurry- I usually start over when the bottom right corner gets 30mm off.


if you are off by 30 mm, double check your motor-motor spacing and your workspace-motor spacing measurements. When I first ran the precision, the holes were way off from where they should have been. One was off the board, the others were not close to where they should have been, and I knew I entered the numbers correctly - as I had written them down, but the measurements were not very precise and that made a huge difference. I would reverify those measurements and see if that improves your accuracy.

Thanks Orob
Will do- much obliged.

You solved part of the issue with that suggestion- thanks!
Then I re-weighed it- I had the wrong number there.
Also I sanded, clear coated and waxed the base- that also helped :slight_smile:
I am now having issues with the XY motors acting in a jumpy way- can’t do any more calibrations.
I am worried I will hurt the machine if I do- any thoughts?

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