right angles problem

Hi, I bought an m2 but I can’t get right angles, the cuts are parallel but the perpendicular ones are not straight, does anyone know how to solve this problem?


Hi @Fabio, welcome to the Forum!
Are the angles of the square at 90° ?
Does this post describe what you are seeing?

Kind regards, Gero


I initially also had this exact problem like most other M2 upgrade user.

I am still struggling and went back to using ground and maslow V1.

What om sensing is that your Frame for the original Maslow wont work with the Upgrade. You need ti buidl the new frame according tovthe manual. And somehow your issues goes away.

Let me know

@MakerMadeCNC your input wouod help alot of users.

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The original Maslow frame will work with the M2. When you see cuts along the X axis not being straight, that is usually caused by the distance between motors and distance from wasteboard values being off by a little bit.

Feel free to reach out at chris@makermadecnc.com and we can set up a zoom call if you like.