I know another calibration issue MakerVerse 1.1.2

Ok so I had no issues putting frame and the mechanicals together. We did buy the lower end kit then bought the Z axis upgrade, and the sled. So to start with we have the Adrino Duo, and am running windows 10 if that maters. Before the sled was installed I set the motor gears pointing strait up, and made sure they had the same amount of links. Yes I counted them 3 times… head hurt on that one. So now to the issue, I have the sled centered in the board and go to calibrate. First issue is the Y Axis is flipped, so when I hit up it does down. So no on to the next issue, I go through get all the measurements and all is well until I get to the Edge section. Now is where it gets fun, If i hit the upper left corner move button it moves oddly to the left center area. The sled is off the board but still ok, but its almost mid of the board. When I down (so it should move up due to the y flip) it keeps moving up and left till I have to reset and stop it before it does damage. I have gone over measurements several times and same results. Any advice would be amazing I tried to message MakerMade and had no luck. So any advice I can get would really help, had it set up for a week now at work and boss really wants to see it moving correctly lol.

That is the button I pushed to make it move to the above location.

Here it is when I send back to center

Well Maker Made contacted me and found the issue, I had the motors plugged up backwards. I should get an award for that one… Either way seems I’m on the road to getting it up and running.