Calibration Step 6

Having an odd issue.

Step 2: I just ran the left chain to the right motor, then pulled it tight w the software, and clicked measure. Done.

Step 4: I took the left chain and hung it down so it’s parrallel with the top of the piece of 4x8 wood. Done.

Then on part 6, when I click “Calibrate Chain Lengths” the left side motor is turning counter-clockwise and the chain just falls off. When it finishes, the right side starts up and does just fine - since I’ve put the last rung of the chain at 12 o’clock. It pulls it down just perfect for where I connect it to the router.

Am I missing something on this last part??

After step 2, use the buttons to loosen the chain and, leaving it on the left motor, remove it from the right. The software is keeping track of the length of chain on the left motor, and when it is time for ‘Calibrate Chain…’ it will wind in until the end is 1650 mm beyond the top tooth of the sprocket, then will begin to wind out the right chain - make sure the chain is ready on the right motor as there is no pause between moving the left and starting the right.
You can also do the chain cal from the Actions page, see 'Calibrate Chain Length- Automatic ’


Oh, well, the instructions make it sound like you manually take the chain off and drape it down so that it’s flush with the top of the 4x8.

Trying it again. Standby, haha.


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I think my machine was just in need of a restart. After that, I was solid. Thanks for your help!


Any suggestions for wording changes to make this clearer? If you didn’t get it, chances are that others won’t as well.

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The issues I encountered were from the calibration segment in the Ground Control software.

For example, I think it was step 2 that has you take the left chain and increase the length by 10, 100, or 1000mm - over to the right sprocket. Then you click the button to tighten it. Easy enough. The following step has you loosening the chain and then draping it down so that it hangs just above the 4x8 sheet of wood. Which I did… by hand, haha. I didn’t use the buttons to RETRACT the chain. This is my very first CNC machine so I have pretty much no idea what I’m doing. It was probably dumb of me, but one extra sentence could’ve saved me fifteen minutes.

I’ll go back through the instructions on this site and make any edits. Hopefully I can save the new newb fifteen or thirty minutes of their life :slight_smile: