Calibration stopped after first two cuts on left top and bottom

A dry calibration run with router power off took the sled to all four corners, great I thought. Repeating with the router on, cuts 1 & 2 ok then the sled stopped on way to the third cut. Power recycle on everything got it going again. Set the sled to centre home which I had marked earlier and then pressed define home button. Restarted the calibration cuts process but now it tries to make first cuts in centre instead of left hand side. My question is why did the define home process not work and do I have to repeat the chain length run out part of the calibration process?

Was there an error message like ‘lost connection’?

‘Define Home’ is only to tell GC where to position the .nc file you want to cut and is not related to where the machine thinks its centre is.
Guess you need to repeat the chain feed out.
Once you have feed the chain out, mark the 2 chain-links that sit on the 12’o-clock tooth of the sprocket.
This way you can manually put the chain back there (after setting the teeth to 12’o-clock) and use the Actions → Advanced → Set chain length - manual ← to avoid the feed out next time you have a similar issue.

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OK, thanks for the tip.