Sled Stops during Calibration Cuts then loses location of center

So close! I was making my calibration cuts the first 4 cuts were great as the sled was moving down for the last cut the sled stopped. No messages on ground control. I stop cutting and ground control now thinks the home location is somewhere different.

So two issues - why is it stopping? Maybe some sort of interference? I’ll try turning off my wifi. I did not have my vacuum plugged in or running. My computer was plugged into and charging my computer.

Second issue - losing location of center/home. I should have marked the chain but didn’t.
Is there any other way to reset the center without recalibrating?

This sounds like the USB connection dropped to me. Sometimes the fix is as simple as taking it out and plugging it back in. If it is interference then a shorter USB cable might help.

Actions -> Advanced -> Set Chain Length Automatic will help you do just the steps you need

Thank you!