X, Y, or Z only moves left motor

This is an M2 with Makerverse 1.12 and the 20200915 firmware.

I’ve spent over a month trying to get everything built and now that I’m trying to calibrate when I try to jog any axis, only the left motor moves. I’ve been checking my motor connections and unless something has changed at the factory, they are all correct. For a moment the Z axis moved when I hooked everything back up after checking the wire connectors but when I halted it, that was it and it stopped behaving. The right motor may be moving after this but I can’t tell because the sled is now so low on the Y axis that I can’t afford to move it any more and manually moving it via unhooking the chain isn’t really an option since that takes 2 people right now.

Any ideas what I should check? I’m really stumped by this.

A couple things to verify:

  1. Triple check wire connections. They are most often the cause of strange behavior,.

  2. Verify controller boards are plugged together tightly and only the top board has the power connector plugged in

  3. Makerverse 1.1.2 needs a home position before you can give it it’s home position. Reset chains needs to be the first item. Just click that and then jog it to find center and start calibration. Optional video here. If your board was previously programmed, you can reset the board memory which is a good place to start.

Any of those work?


I’ll go through those tomorrow. I was wondering how I could possibly set home if I couldn’t calibrate to actually set home so that’s probably gonna be the answer. If so, I’ll be sure to report back with success.

My system did the same thing and that was why I made the video…kind of a chicken and the egg thing. Needed to set some known position before it will respond in a predictable way. Perhaps the fix would be for the firmware to default to being in the home position at the beginning. A fix for another day.

Good luck!


That did it!! I’m working through calibration right now.