Calibration won't turn motors

After running ground control again both calibration pages work in 1.13. Not sure what happened the first time, but it seems fine now since I’ve ran it a few times. As @lasse85 seemed to have the same issue I’m guessing maybe something with 1.12.

Thank you for your time! I actually got the sled cut out and it’s amazing. @bar I hope you guys have a good time off and are able to continue with this amazing project!


@cyberpatriot That’s great to hear and thanks for the kind words!

This issue seems to have a way of resolving itself as soon as we start tracking it down. I haven’t heard of it coming back, but let me know if you see it again and we will catch it for good :grin:

Happy cutting!

Hey again,

I’ve tried out the debug firmware and it prints “Relative units?: 1” and “unit conversion factor: 1.00”. Is this as expected?

The behavior is a little bit different with this firmware in the calibration dialog. I can hear the left motor but it is not moving and the right motor simply don’t react to any commands.

I still suspect a change in the firmware from V1.11 to V.1.12 so I will try to see off some time next week to dig down in the firmware to see if I can track down the issue.


That sounds like exactly what it should be printing so the issue isn’t what I thought it might be, but at least we know. Thank you for running that test

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What seemed to do the trick in the end was to wipe the EEPROM.

It would be great if somebody who has the same problem could confirm this.


Same problem, solution did not work. I re-flashed the Arduino with the firmware and re-connected to Ground Control. Small turns, like pressing the arrows or calibrating 5* at a time do not work; the motors just make a whining sound. Large turns, like 360* in calibration will work during the middle of the turn (i.e., the beginning and end of the intended rotation produce the same whining sound rather than rotating).

Haven’t figured it out yet…

edit Test Motors does work very well. It exhibits no whining sounds and no delay in the start/stop of each of the 3 motors.

Test motors applies a direct voltage to the pins and bypasses a lot of stuff. If it works there, then really all it does is test the hardware. The turning of sprockets uses what’s called a singleAxisMove in the firmware and it doesn’t involve kinematics (which require calibration), but involves settings for chain pitch and number of teeth as well as the PID values. Can you post the contents of your groundcontrol.ini file. In windows, its located in the user/xxxx directory.