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Cambam and Makerverse

Do you know how to use Cambam files for Makerverse ?

I have no problem with Ground Control and Webcontrol with Cambam files but Cambam files won’t work with Makerverse.

I’ve tested Grbl machine and default postprocessor with no sucess.

The Maslow go to starting point, Z axis moves are ok but not the X and Y …

The same file work with Webcontrol

probably an invalid gcode, please post the file you are trying to cut.

David Lang

There’s some unusual GCode in there, not wrong per se, but not ‘normal’.
If you want to post the file I can try running it through my GCodeClean utility (or you can do that yourself of course).

Thanks, I will post a file tonight.

What cleaner do you use ?

The one I wrote myself. It’s a command line utility (works on Linux, OSX or Windows). It’s up on GitHub

Link please?! :slight_smile:

What i “dont get” is: Why doesnt the g-code parser just ignores code it cant process? Or at least have a software option to make him ignore it? Or beeing able to just have the software pre-evaluate the gcode before actually running the g-code?!

Releases · md8n/GCodeClean (

I can’t really speak for other people’s GCode parsers and processors, but to answer your questions in general terms.

A lot of them do. I’ve had bugs in my software where it didn’t do that, including one just recently.
However, the ‘meaning’ of some codes is ‘contextual’, and relates to previous codes in the file, the ‘current’ state of the machine, and even codes previously issued to the machine before the program you’re currently running.

If your GCode processor is running on really minimal hardware (e.g. an Arduino) then you’ve got some real memory and processor limitations, and the GCode might only be sent one code at a time (this is very normal). In such a case you really need some other software (e.g. a simulator of some kind), running on more capable hardware to do that work first.

If there’s radius cuts you will need to convert curves to segments. I use CamBam also and when using makerverse my cuts started going haywire. Makerverse doesn’t currently support native curve cuts done on the Mega based Maslows.

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The radius command is not supported on the mega. It isn’t a makerverse thing. 51.29 will support radius cuts.

This is what I was beginning to suspect !

But why the same Gcode work with Webcontrol ?
Is webcontrol translate curves in segments ?

different firmware versions, what’s provided via webcontrol is probably more
advanced than what you have otherwise.

David Lang

Webcontrol reads the file and sends it line-by-line to the firmware. If the radius from the i and j curvature is large, then it changes it to a straight line and it provides a log note indicating it did so. If you watch the terminal window while webcontrol is running, you can see it make the changes. I and j curvature works, it is the R command that was in a newer firmware commit that has not been accepted yet and incorporated in an official release along with user set z axis limits.

Thank you.

So, what parameters did you choose in cambam, plz ?


Sorry for the delayed response

So, what parameters did you choose in cambam, plz ? I use the default; however, last weekend my Maslow stopped working with gcode files generated by Cambam. I am not using carbide.