Can Maslow be used to make signs exactly like these?

I’m wondering if Maslow is the right tool for the job, or maybe something like an xcarve would be better.



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I personally think the Maslow would be perfect for this type of sign but as I won’t be getting my Maslow until next week I won’t be able to try it until then. I just think that getting a job order from any government entity would be really tough unless A. you are related to the person in charge of signage somehow. or B. you give them some sort of untraceable kickback (with a promise to never flip on them) or C. don’t bother, all of the national parks and forests will be strip mined by 2020 to provide more beautiful clean coal for power.

I would like to apologize at this time to all of the people who are offended by my blatantly anti-political feelings for this administration.

Yes it can! It can even do more complicated designs. Ceck the project section.

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sure. some people use free easel software (same one from x carve) leanring the software is probably the hardest part for beginners.
the biggest xcarve is 27x27" and is around $1400
you can expand it to about 27x54 and the price goes up to around $2000

You will most likely spend about $900 to $1200 on a maslow build by the time you get everything and put it together.

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