Can Maslow cut Ceramic Fiber Board?

Today I got distracted by some videos and plans for making a super efficient wood burning stove called the Walker Stove:

As I got more into this guys videos I found some posts he did about setting up his Maslow CNC… how cool is that?! I’m betting he’s on these forums but I cannot, for the life of me, find him on here (his name is Matt).

Anyway, I am curious if Maslow can cut the ceramic fiber board he uses. If so, I wonder if cut paths could be created to make construction of these stoves could be made.

As an aside, here’s his Youtube Channel (scroll down for the Maslow videos):

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can you cut this fiber board with a handheld router? If so, you can cut it with
a maslow

Given that you can get bits to cut just about anything (if you are willing to
pay enough), the answer is probably yes. But I don’t know what bits and feed
rates would be appropriate.




Yes, yes it can. :slight_smile: Maslow made my last few cores.


very cool! So am I to assume Rancher is also Matt from


Please check into what the dust from this would do if inhaled and then apply all appropriate safety measures. I.E. respirator , gloves, etc.

Always be safe while having fun.

Thank you


agreed. Anything on the router should be approached with caution. Even dust from MDF or plywood could be problematic.

But I would feel a lot better about cutting on Maslow, where I’m a healthy distance away from the cutting blade/bit, instead of on a table saw or jigsaw, where I’m right next to the fiber board.


Ok @Rancher, since I have your ear I’m curious: why does Popular Mechanics have this picture as a Walker Stove but I cannot find that design on
(see stove design number 12)

I don’t want to start an argument (I’m neutral, owning a wood gulping smoke belching dragon, but there’s several heated discussion about rocket stoves on . If you want to use one in an insured building you’d better have a chat with your insurance agent since it’s lacking one of those tlo certifications. The insurance thing applies to any non-“approved” stove, and (like my carrier) any woodstove of any type with some companies.

Sorry about the edits, tapatalked again


That is from 2013 is why Nathan. I no longer build that stove. Check the archives on my site.


A laser cutter is a precisely controlled fire - burn with passion :wink:

Thank you

You must not have a K40 :grinning: