Canada Ridgid router


I just got a Maslow kit and i was wondering if anybody from Canada has had the experience with Ridgid routers in Canada.

We don’t have the Ridgid r22002 and only have this one.

Would anybody know if it is compatible with the Maslow and the z axis?

Thank you for your time

I’m not in Canada but that looks like the same Z drive unit. I think it is the same.

Thank you

This question has come up before in the old forums I believe.
The decision was, it is the same router but comes with both the plunge and fixed base.

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Now I feel cheated, I might have to stop in Canada and pick one up when I’m in Washington.

Great news! Thank you for the quick reply! Can’t wait to start using it!


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Hi. Did this router work for you? I live in Toronto and only see the same combo kit.