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Canadian Ridgid R29303?

Hello all,

I haven’t setup my maslow yet, as I have yet to acquire my router. I had planned on going the easy route as I didn’t already have my own router, and planned on using the suggested Ridgid RR22002. The problem I ran into is that it does not seem to be available in Canada? I went to home depot and they have one that seems virtually identical:

It has the model number R29303 and seems to just be a package kit that perhaps has an extra base with it as well. It is an 11A, 2HP with no load speeds of 10000-23000rpm. Seems to be pretty much identical, just hoping I don’t run into any gotchas with sizing of something. Has anyone else in Canada gone with this model? I sent an email to Hannah and she figures it’s probably the same as the RR22002 as she’s gotten some other emails from Canadians, but suggested I throw the topic into the forums just to be sure (and to alleviate others with the same questions!). I figure home depot’s return policy will allow me to return it if I pick it up and it’s not fitting well with the system (as I also got the Z axis for the RR22002).

Any experience with this would be greatly appreciated!


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seems to be identical with the addition of the plunge collar which would account for the kit model name difference. you should be fine.

Yes, this is the same motor, just with an additional plunge base. It used to be available in the US also. I’m not sure why the don’t sell it here anymore.

Consider the plunge base a plus. Use the fixed base (on the left in the picture) for the Maslow sled, and then you can take the motor out and use it as a regular router.

From limited use in the Maslow I’m starting to really like the Ridgid, seems at least as good as the Milwaukees and DeWilts I get to use in the local high school shop (on open adult shop nights, high school days way past). As the MooseWoodShop project progresses I may just buy another to be a manual/table router.

Thanks for all the replies! I will pick up this router then and finally get stuff setup. I’ll be sure to post back here again if I run into any unknown issues somehow so that others will know.

I had looked for a place before that had an array of woodworking tools as I used to love the wood shop class in highschool and we used to have open adult shop days/nights in the town I grew up in, but I hadn’t found any locally in Ottawa. Perhaps I should look again! I expect I’ll have plenty of fun with the maslow in the meantime :slight_smile:


Any chance you have a local makerspace that has some decent tools?

Looking forwards to Tuesday night adult shop starting up again, maybe I’ll actually finish the wife’s black ash side table (which included an object lesson in not feeding two 2x2 legs through the 7 1/2hp planer at the side time, took a long time for that bruise to heal). I might try to trailer the Maslow up there if I have it sorted out in the narrow window between school opening and blizzard season starting.

Does anyone if the fixed based can be installed on Ryobi Universal Router table?
Model # A25RT03
Do I need to remove the plate?
Should I drill new holes(on the plate)?