Canadian Members - What Router? Want to order, prefer Ridgid

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been following this impressive project for months and I am now ready to order. Finally got my compound slide saw so I can build the base.

I am located in Canada and recently bought a few of the lifetime warranty Ridgid tools from Home Depot. I see the project team likes the Ridgid router but the 22002 model doesn’t appear to be available here. I like the Ridgid lifetime warranty and would like to buy the right router. These are the only two options I have:



And this kit:

R29303: Via homedepot . ca but I can only post two links as a new user… /en/home/p.heavy-duty-2hp-router-combo-kit.1000663450.html

Can anyone provide some guidance? They also, of course, carry Ryobi but I’d like to go with a tried and true since I am new to CNC and want as few hassles getting set up as possible.

Since this dictates part of the ordering/adapter selection process I am hoping people can provide guidance. I’d really like to get in on this shipment run before stock is gone.

Thanks for all the help.


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While I still have relatively new eyes and haven’t read myself up to speed I thought I’d offer an observation about the store. I may have missed it, but there doesn’t seem to be any background or info on what the different items are and whether or not they are required, or optional. And if optional, what they relate to or do.

I see three different bits, and my style would be to order them with my kit in case I need them - due to the cost and complexity of international shipment to Canada and the duties and hassle of getting the stuff in the first place. But I can’t tell if there is anything else I should buy.

In the spirit of the guy who suggested marking the nail position on the frame to make it safer to build and algin… I suggest a few sentences for each item and/or a link to an FAQ post if available about what widget is for. Love the approach here. Great project!



For the router you want one which looks like this:

The smaller palm routers like the R24012 are going to be tough to attach a z-axis to. I can’t speak to what is available in Canada, but I am more than happy to look at any links.

Thanks for the kind words and good advice. I will update the store description right now to be more clear!

This is effectively the R22002, I think the Actual router model number is R2902, the 22002 seems to be the router and fixed base combo, the one i linked above is the same, except with a fixed and plunge base.

I purchased this with the R22002 z-axis and they mate perfectly. I am in Saskatchewan BTW.

Edit - I see its the same you linked. So I can confirm from experience it fits. I only received my maslow yesterday, finishing calibration and some other bits and pieces, but so far no problems. If your anywhere near Regina you’re welcome to come check it out. :slight_smile:

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@Brendon Thanks for the confirmation and the invite. I’m in metro Vancouver so I can’t stop by easily but I’ll be interested to hear updates from you and if there is anything you wish you had ordered with the kit.

What base did you go with, out of curiosity?

On the routers, confusing how they change numbers around. But I’m learning the global tool supply business is a bit of theatre anyway. The majority of powertools for professional and home use come from only three or four large manufacturers, one of the biggest being a large Hong Kong based consortium run by a German patriarch and his son. Not necessarily a bad thing, I think the product is good. But there is a lot of product management and marketing going on and not as much competition as you might think.

TTI (I think is the name) make Milwaukee, Ryobi and Ridgid as well as about 8-10 other brands. Like AEG in Europe. I also noticed yesterday at Canadian Tire that the Maximum drill and impact driver are almost definitely derivative of the Ridgid set I just bought, just in different colours with a slightly different battery. The more I’ve looked around and looked in to it the more I’ve realized how consolidated things are.

Bosch own Skil, Stanley Black & Decker own Dewalt and BD. Makita seems to be the major independent that isn’t (that I am aware of) running sub brands to compete with itself. Doesn’t make one better than the other, just interesting to understand. You see these too reviews of 12 different models and then you find out that there are only about 3-4 manufacturers of this stuff that operate globally (adding Festool to the list).

I discovered just how deep it went when I read up on TTI then accidentally got more info from a TTI Rep in a red Milwaukee shirt while I was pondering buying the Ridgid impact set. He asked if I had questions and the Homedepot sales person with me looked at him confused and said “Uh, well this is Ridgid. Why, do you represent them too?” and He confirmed (which is easily discovered on the web) that Ryobi, Milwaukee and Ridgid are all the same parent and made in the same factory. They do have different design teams apparently.

Also TTI own Empire (measuring and other tools) and lots of other brands like Dirt Devil that you may know, if my memory serves. So it’s a lot more consolidated in that tool department than you think…


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Er so I guess I should select the R22002 shaft option at check out, @bar ?

Answering my own question, @Brendon effectively said yes already. Will palce my Maslow order now. :slight_smile:


I went with the Default, then I got impatient while waiting for Maslow and added a 12 foot beam i had left over from building a deck, and got more #25 chain to lengthen the ones in the kit.

Then I got more impatient and got a Solid State relay to power the router on and off with G-Code. And some sheet metal to do a Z axis auto zero home plate.

I’ll look at all the ‘Actual’ model numbers printed on the router etc… when i get home, and maybe someone in the States with an official R22002 router can confirm the Model numbers on their spindle and base see if they match? Here is where my maslow is at the moment.


@bar In the same vein as my new eyes comment about the shop…

If the router isn’t actually a Ridgid 22002 and that is a kit, it might be good to list that and break out the constituent components for the sake of future people searching for the unit here in North America. UPDATE: Looks like 22002 is a valid part number for the unit itself on the US site. Specs seem similar if not identical to the Canadian option I mention here, but still cross checking. Gah I hate when vendors do this to us in Canada.

I cribbed this from the home depot canada site:
" Overview Model # R29303 Store SKU # 1000663450
RIDGID Heavy Duty 2HP Router Combo Kit. Includes: R2901 Motor with 1/2" collet, R2911 fixed base, R29202 plunge base, wrench, centering tool and pin, T-handle wrench, 1/4" collet insert, 2 vacuum attachments, heavy duty contractor bag and Operators Manuals. Input: 120V AC, 11 Amps Peak Horse Power: 2 HP No Load Speeds: 10,000 23,000."

So the parts are R2901, R2911 and R29202. And it’s a 2HP unit with a lifetime warranty available if purchased via Home Depot and registered in first 90 days. Does that line up on the US side of the border?


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That sounds identical to what we see on our side of the boarder :+1: :+1:

I guess I don’t have much time to exercise my impatience like @Brendon did.

Hat tip to @bar and @hannah - holy smokes my unit has wings already.

Check this out from July 12, 2018 at 4:04pm.

"Your order from Maslow has shipped.

Order Number: #09XXX (placed on July 12, 2018 at 2:57 PM PT) "

Yep, the order went out the door the same day, just over an hour after I placed it. Love it! Eat your heart out Jeff Bezos!


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Your base looks great. I have a lot to learn, I can’t quite parse the whole “Solid State Relay to run the router on and off with G-Code” yet but I think you are saying you have somehow harnessed unused GPIO pins on the Arduino/Maslow controller to drive a solid state power relay that is triggered (somehow again?) from G-Code signals in a given drawing or a button your added to the Ground Control software? I’m just thinking out loud here.

Also, is it wrong if I admit I haven’t had a chance to understand what is meant by Z-Axis yet? Is there a “Maslow 101 for new users” I can read? I’ve not used a router before either… at least no one that didn’t shuffle internet packets around.


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@bar another small suggestion. Given this clarification, perhaps it should be added to the approved router page in the Wiki. Still finding my way so no idea how to do that or what the approval process is, but I think expanding the section to mention the Canadian equivalent and part numbers would be a good idea.

Thanks! Having a bunch of issues with the relay though, it works if connect it to the high, but not when connected it to the signal and send M3 or M5… You are correct in what you say though how it works, using AUX1 to ‘hopefully’ turn it on.

EDIT- Never-mind, fixed it, was a setting in Advanced for automated spindle, setting this to RELAY_HIGH got it working, in case anyone else runs into this.


This looks like a possibly good beginners router/Maslow canadidate if you haven’t decided on one yet. cheap enough and it has built in L.E.D. too!

Thanks for the suggestion. I decided since I am new to all of this that the safest bet was to just bite the bullet and buy the Ridgid. Plus I like the lifetime service agreement and have other Ridgid so I just went for it last time I was in Homedepot.

Now I need to find the time and space to build my frame. My kit has arrived!



@bar Excellent work updating the store descriptions. I dropped in to look at them again today with fresh eyes and they all make A LOT more sense and clearly say what is necessary now. Really appreciate you doing that. My next suggestion would to add a few of the “buyers of this also liked these other options” links on the pages. So on the main Maslow page you might want to link to the optional bits etc. Just a thought. I know you have 1000 things on your plate, but turning over inventory is a good thing. Keeps the cash flowing.


I’m a fellow Canadian. The Ridgid Routers Home Depot sells are basically the same as the 2022, with the exception that the one Home Depot in Canada sells has extra attachments like an extra base on the router. There is also a big difference in price too…like over 350 bucks Canadian.

i ordered a 2022 from a US seller on ebay. I live close enough to the US border so I drove down to a small hamlet six miles across the Can/US border where I rent a mailing address, then brought it across the border myself.

If you want the exact unit, order the 2022 online, or from an ebay seller. Ask that it be delivered via MAIL or else you may get a 50 dollar border broker fee if they ship via DHL, UPS, or Fedex. Canada Post only charges a five dollar border broker fee. Even with exchange paying USD, it will be much cheaper than paying for extra accessories from Home Depot Canada.

Lets make sawdust!

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Thanks for posting your photo @Brendon!

I am also in Regina and started ordering parts for my Maslow build a couple days ago.
I appreciate your comments - helped me settle which Router I’ll pick up and where.

Since I’m joining late and missed the kits, I am collecting my own parts from hither and yon. I would sure appreciate seeing your Maslow in person. I’ll shoot you a PM.

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Hey I’m also in regina and recently got the maslow kit and have a few questions if you wouldnt mind it wont allow me to private message you but if you can message me would be much appreciated thank you

keep reading the forums, that will unlock the PM capability for you.

David Lang