Which Router to Buy (Europe)

I will finally have time to put my Maslow together, next week. The missing bit is the router. What router should I buy? My router budget is around 400 EUR.

Any suggestions welcome.


The EU version of the Ridgid is the best option.

I consider the
Dewalt D26200
Makita rt0700cj

Why is it the best? So far I can only see one other router tested with the Maslow in this list but there are dozens of routers that look compatible in the price segment I’m considering.

The AEG one costs more than twice as much as the Ridgid version (340 EUR on Amazon.de!). I know EU is usually more expensive because of the 24 months warranty requirement. But more than double is the money is a tad crazy.
I think there could be better routers in this price range that no one has tested yet.

I’m thinking e.g. this one from Festool which is brand suggested to me by some of my professional woodworking friends and which is close to the AEG in price but has a much better reputation:

Does it look like it will work with the Maslow?


One school of thought is that the best router is ‘the one you have’.

The AEG router is identical to the Ridgid R22002, which all the Maslow documentation and design is expecting. There is plenty of room for variation, its designed into the project, but having the ‘most common’ equipment surely will be helpful in getting things going as best as can be done. Certainly at this point, which I would term as ‘strong proof of concept’ vs. 'a refined product, having the same equipment as the largest group of users will allow you to benefit from their refinements in process and procedure.

I understand this well but the counter argument would be: maybe there is a much better ‘bang for the buck router’ in Europe (substitute your region outside the US here) available and no one will ever know about it because everyone buys the Ridgid [equivalent] following your reasoning. :slight_smile:
I’m happy to try something else just for that cause. I can always return to Amazon and get the AEG in the end.
I just need some guidance what to look for in a router, apart from fixed base.


How would one access the Z-Axis on these routers?

Can the Z-Axis hardware be easily installed? Does the Z-Axis run accurately and easily?

Please add any tested routers to the Tested Routers wiki page.

The best is -> what you can find that works with Z-Motor <- This Festool and all Makitas I could find will not work out of the box, unless you build a router-lift. If the depth-stop can’t be locked, the motor can’t pull the router down into the workpiece.

I would recommend searching for lightly used tools. Routers and many woodworking tools often end up in pawn shops, garage sales, ‘car boot sales’, etc for a fraction of their new price. Some wholesalers also have ‘factory refurbished’ units which in a tool like this is often just an open box return, and is new for all practical purposes.

Take a look at this video for a discussion on what to look for in a router to use with MaslowCNC.

Guys, thanks for all the helpful replieds.

@Gero: What is a router lift? Do you have an image? I don’t have an issue building some bits and bobs to make it work.
How do I know if the depth stop can be locked or not? Is this something I have to look up in the router’s manual before I buy?

If you go up in the holes, you need to take your motors more out, so the chains stay parallel to the workpiece. That’s why I made my motor mounts adjustable, to stay at a steep angle of 10 degree. https://youtu.be/nIB5mmkeUGU
You could also increase the tilt of the frame. We have one Maslowian here who build a router lift. Let me search.

the video should make it more clear.

the z-axis moves the router depth, and on the Ridgid it is a turning screw that has a tab that locks to the spindle and can still be turned, raising and lowering the spindle in its compression collar.

Normal hand use of the router would have an operator lock the collar very tightly, preventing z-axis adjustment during operation.

MaslowCNC use has the compression collar tight, but still able to move the spindle when the adjustment screw is turned by the Z-axis motor. The router is in the compression collar securely, but still able to move.

any alternate router needs to be able to move safely while in operation via a screw motion, with enough clearance to mount the z-axis flange to the sled and with the z-axis motor and adaptor able to adjust the nut that turns the screw that moves the router up and down.


Ok, how about this one. It has a depth stop.

Manual is here, see page 7 for the depth-stop.

It has a winder handle and a micro winder handle. Would it work if the z-axis motor was connected to one of those?
Do you see issues with this one?


The Tritons were discussed on the old forum http://www.maslowcnc.com/oldforums#!/general:euro-router-options
should work I think.

2 things,

  1. this is more expensive than the recommended router.

  2. adjustment screw is pretty high up on the tool. It should fit, but the Z-Axis Bracket might end up with more slew in it , similar to this. (This video is an old version of software, from beta days so ignore commentary on those aspects, I only mean to show the Z-axis movement)

you don’t want a plunge router with a depth stop, those are designed to move
freely until they hit the stop and have springs to push the router away from the

what you need is a router that changes it height when you turn the height knob
without you needing to push it down to the workpiece. Usually this is going to
be a fixed-base router that you loosen the clamp on

So I bit the bullet and ordered the AEG for now. The Triton won’t arrive in time for my days off, when I can put my Maslow together, next week.

I’m still curious if anyone has used the Triton TRA001 because it looks like it’s a better bang for the buck than the AEG and costs the same on Amazon.de (around 340 EUR).

Does anyone know if the user @metrowave, who commented about the TRA001 in this old forum’s thread, is around here, maybe under a different alias?


Something to consider - if you’re a serious enough woodworker to want a Maslow you’ll likely want a standalone router. While you can get an extra base and remove the motor from the Maslow that will get old really fast. Just like the serious router table guys you’ll end up dedicating the router to the individual machines, plus the one for hand held projects. For example I plan to dig out the old Craftsman and round over the edges (could be interesting, rounding off cheap plywood…) on the second-stage temporary sled I’m planning for the next shop-time adventure. Darned summer chores and honeydo projects.

I haven’t seen any discussion in this forum about real CNC spindles - a 2.2KW spindle, VFD, and mount are within spitting distance of these prices, although being from outside the EU I don’t know what VAT will do to that. Routers aren’t really made for hours and hours of CNC use and (from what I read) will burn up bearings and brushes on a regular basis. You do end up with the roll your own Z axis issue, but there’s already a design here plus the ready made ones from the usual sources. Water cooled spindles are reportedly quieter, but you’ll need to deal with the plumbing and (for cold-climate residents) preventing freezing.

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