Can't connect to Arduino. Connection to port times out

I am a new user, I can not connect to the Arduino. I keep getting an error,

Connected on port COM4
Connection timed out

I believe I have followed all the steps to update the firmware correctly. Doesn’t matter which com port I use, 3 or 4. USB is connected and powered. What am I missing? Any help greatly appreciated.

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Is that with uploading the firmware or in GroundContol?
What is the windows version?

Thanks! The firmware, and I’m on Windows 7

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Can you post a picture of the arduino IDE right after the firmware uploads? That screen can help us to diagnose if it is being uploaded correctly. The connected…disconnected thing usually means the firmware hasn’t uploaded right

Does the Arduino Mega show up in the device manager?
This tutorial is for the Uno, but the steps should be the same for the Mega.

Hope it helps. Let us know.

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Thank you for your suggestions! The Arduino doesn’t show up in the device manager, so I will try to upload the firmware again and follow the tutorial you shared the next chance I get. I’ll let you know, thanks!


Different from the tutorial is the board selection.
You select the Mega like in this pic:

A visual confirmation that you are ready to upload the Firmware is the check-mark on the port.
One more is in the bottom right corner.

Good luck!

Kind regards, Gero

I can’t get the Arduino to show up in the device manager, so I’m unable to go to the next steps to update the firmware?

That could be an issue with the Arduino drivers. The first thing I would try next would be to uninstall the Arduino program and reinstall it. That could fix a driver issue.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Arduino program, still doesn’t show up in the device manager.

Do you by any chance have a second computer to test with? We can find out if the issue is on the Arduino or computer side.

It also might be worth removing the motor controller shield from the Arduino for testing to eliminate any possible issues there.

I do have another computer that I can try. What do you mean by removing the controller shield for testing, what kind of tests?

So this is going from bad to worse, my other computer is not working, so I won’t be able to try that one. As I’m trying to sort this out, what is it with the computer that would keep Arduino from working?

I’m thinking about the Maslow board with the heat sinks which plugs into the top of the arduino. Taking it off shouldn’t matter, but it does eliminate one more variable.

It could be one of many different things. The problem is either on the computer side or the Arduino side. Arduino failures are rare, but they do happen. If you can try on multiple computers and see the same issue then it is probably an issue with the arduino. On the computer side the issue is usually with some sort of driver. Without the drivers working properly the computer won’t be able to connect to the arduino. If you try the arduino on a different computer and it works then you know it is a drivers thing.

One of the great things about arduinos is that there are a TON of resources online which can help you track down what is going on.

This youtube video seems like it might help:

Long story short, I have it working and am now working through the calibration. The computer I got it to work on is a Mac.