Can't connect to Arduino

Hi folks -
recently unpacked my M2 that had been in storage. It was working before. Now Makerverse will not connect to the Arduino at all.
Things I have checked

  • power is on, have a green light
  • replaced USB cable
  • tried every usb-c port on my MacBook
  • tried every port I can in Kerverse, which really seems to be only two - URT1 or URT2. don’t recall which it was using before
  • downloaded and attempted to install DUE firmware update, but this also fails as Arduino IDE is unable to find the device.
  • pulled the DUE off and reconnected, made sure everything was clean and plugged in.

Any ideas? Nothing seems to be able to speak to the DUE , either Makerverse or Arduino IDE. So I’m stuck.

Thanks !