Quering Hardware

I have had my M2 Upgrade for a couple of months now and I have just had the time to get it setup. My issue at this point is I cannot seem to get Makerverse to connect. I have tried three different windows based computer and all I get is the Quering hardware message.

I have checked all the connections several times and I am just not having any luck.

Any help or pointers would be great otherwise I will have to go back to the original setup to get back to work.

Thanks in advance,


What exactly did you upgrade? Sled or controller or both?

Thanks for the replay. I purchased the M2 upgrade kit during the “early release”, so it was both the sled and controller. I finally received all the parts for it in late July or so and just had too much going on in the shop to get on it. After a few weeks of messing with it, I just keep getting the message.

I have wondered if I just have a problem with the USB cable,since I will near a Best Buy tomorrow, I figured it was worth trying to see if that is the issue.


I know of one other person who had a similar problem. We changed the communication speed in the firmware, reprogrammed the controller several times and while we got it to work (sometimes on windows, but not with the raspberry pi), it ended up being a warranty replacement. It would be best to contact makermade and have them help you diagnose the issue.


Thanks for taking the time with me, it turned out to be the cable, so it communicates now, so that is good. Just need to troubleshoot one more problem and I hope I will be up and running.

Thanks again,