Carving a Bat Owen Sign

My neighbor was turning four and had a Batman themed party, so it seemed appropriate to try carving a sign for him on the Maslow.

The main design was with Easel and the first attempt was using a built-in font. The second time I used a “Batman” font in Inkscape and imported the SVG into Easel.

I used a 1/4" two-flute straight bit at 30 in/min and 0.15" depth of cut. A little sanding cleaned up the edges, but maybe a spiral bit would cut cleaner? The only other issues are the bottom where the bit was plunging is a little off center, the oval around the Batman logo isn’t an even thickness, getting thinner on the top left and bottom right (maybe the bit pulling into the wood?), and the areas above and below the logo that didn’t cut at the same depth.

Owen didn’t seem to mind or he was polite enough to not critique the final product in front of me.


another one for the newsletter (assuming you give permission)


I’d be honored!

And some more words

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Well done!

Thank you

That is fantastic! It’s really cool to see everyone making gifts :grinning:

@nathandarnell May I just your photos of the Bat Owen sign in the newsletter tomorrow?

Absolutely! Thanks for all your work making this possible!

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