Ceiling mounted folding frame

Sorry if this has been discussed but I can’t seem to find much info on the topic. Are there many maslow builds out there that mount to a ceiling and can fold down when needed? I’ve wanted a CNC in my shop forever but have always ruled it out because I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the space. The maslow is already an order of magnitude better up against a wall in terms of space savings but has anyone mounted one to a ceiling? What would be the cons of doing so? I’ve got a TIG welder in the shop so I was thinking I could make an extra rigid frame out of aluminum square tubing which could help mitigate some alignment issues.

There are designs that I’ve seen mount to the ceiling but none I’ve seen folded up. There is one mounted in a trailer as well. Someone will chime in here I’m sure.

Thank you

I’ve been thinking mounted to a wall. I have exposed 2x4 wall pieces, but was still thinking build a mount out a few inches. Haven’t done much more than mull it over.

As long as you have the floor space to swing it up when you’re not using it, it should be totally fine. Some people are working on wall mounted folding frames that tilt out when being used. I’ll likely do mine that way too.

I don’t have the headroom in my basement to fold it to the ceiling like you’re suggesting. Plus, it would cover the ceiling light fixture.

People have reported ones that fold to the wall and the cealing. I haven’t seen
any pictures of cealing mounted ones, but it really doesn’t matter where the
hinge is.

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Cool. Sounds like a hinged design is popular option and there isn’t much difference between a wall-mount hinge and ceiling mount one. To solve the light problem I could just mount a light to the back of the maslow.


Keep in mind when folding this up to the ceiling, you’ll need to have the front of the Malsow facing down. The extension arms for the motors need to point down so you can get it as flat to the ceiling as possible. I guess you could come up with a clever motor arm folding design so you wouldn’t be forced to mount it this way.

I have open trusses in the garage so if I spaced it right the motors could fit between the trusses. Could have a home position for the sled as well so that could fit between trusses.


Keep in mind when folding this up to the ceiling, you’ll need to have the front of the Malsow facing down.

I’m actually going to have to argue against having the face pointing Upwards because then, your legs will need to retract otherwise they will hit the floor and you can’t ever have the machine at the proper angle.

Look online for Fold down Panel Saw for inspiration. I’m planning on doing this with my unit, with a removable saw guide in the middle.


I got my maslow a few weeks ago, not started work on the frame yet. Wondering if there are any updates/pictures of your progress on the ceiling mounted frame. I’ve a similar setup with an open truss ceiling in my garage.

Any learnings you made in the process?


Old thread, but dropping this here for reference:

Popular Woodworking

…thanks jongscx for the panel saw tip.

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