Center project in Ground Control

So Ive finally found some time to mess with my maslow cnc and i just have one issue…how to i center a project in ground control. Instead of the drawings centering around the midpoint of the ground control screen, it sits up in the top right sectiong of the ground control screen. An way to be able to shift my project to center it?

When you load a program in ground control, that program’s “Zero” point is set to the machine’s “Home” position. You can easily move a program around by moving the cursor to where you want to cut and set the home position.

May also want to check that the origin is set correct in your program. I have many a time loaded a program that was waaaaay off from the origin and the part ended up in the wrong position.

in ground control, all you can do is move the cursor down to the left and set
the home to be there.

When you are creating the g-code, instead of having 0,0 be the bottom left of
the work area, move your part so that 0,0 is in the middle of your part.

You can click and hold on a point of the workarea and a triple-dialog will pop up around the point you’re clicking. One of the choices that offers is is ‘Move Here’, which will make the sled travel to that spot. Once there, if you click the ‘Define Home’ button, the home position (0,0) will be there and your design should move in relation to that new home position. So if you do the click-trick in the lower left quadrant, your design should move to the middle of the sheet. The router will rest down at the lower left when not cutting, but it should travel to the middle of the sheet where your design shows to begin cutting.
Note that after quitting GC, the Home position will once again be in the middle of the workarea, a quick way to ‘undo’ the move.


Thanks! I’m having this problem as well. I’ll try this when I get off work.

Thx Dlang!