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Chain motors spin at different speeds during Y axis movement

Hello, I bought the complete M2 kit just about a month ago, and I’m still stuggling with the calibration. I got it working right the first time, and when I went to all 4 corners of the stock for the final calibration the chain got stuck and coiled around itself and snapped one of the nails out . It turned out the chain wasn’t on the same plane as the motor sprocket, so when it reached the top it got stuck like I mentioned. I changed the angla of the beam a bit so now it’s fine. The problem is that now when I’m aligning the cotter pin, I get it in the middle with the chain taut, but when I make it go down, the cotter pin moves about 2 inches off center when it reached the middle of the stock. I noticed that the 2 motors are not moving at the same speed and I was wondering if there’s some value I can touch to get that fixed.

Hmmm I’m not totally sure that I can picture what is going on, can you post a picture by any chance?

Here’s the wedge I mentioned that made the chains from the top and bottom of the sprocket become aligned, before the wedge, the top chain (the one going to the spring) was a lot closer to the plane of the frame thatn the botom chain (the one going towards the sled)

it turns out that the difference of speeds was just in my head, after a while of moving the chains one over the motor sprockets (one link at a time) I got the to leghths to match and the y axis movement got straightened again

Here’s a better picture of the wedge:

Now I’m dealing with this issue here, cause I ripped the nail out again due to the chain being too short (I posted some more pictures there if you want to see):

so this wedge is to angle the top beam out from the wall? most people fasten the
top beam to the legs and just put hinges between the legs and the wall.

David Lang

sounds interesting, but I can’t quite picture it. Is there a photo of that setup somewhere?

there are a number of pictures around
basically you build the front of the frame in the standard way and just put
hinges at the top of the front legs (which can be shorter as they no longer need
to reach the ground)

David Lang

Where is the cotter pin which is moving in this case?

@bar The cotter pin is used to pin the ends of the chains together instead of connecting to the sled. It starts on the beam and then drops down to the workpiece as part of the M2 makerverse calibration. I show it in one the videos I made last year. I’m not a fan of that calibration method, but it works to find dead center.

@dicoy is your beam still level and the top of the beam parallel to the workpiece? If your system bent that upper beam mount, it might be out of place and that is why the center is off.