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Makerverse Calibration - Chains - Align Cotter Pin Step - No way to rotate motors?

Some background information:
Our Maslow had been up and running just fine, OG setup on the old Mega running Ground Control and/or Web Control just fine and dandy. We ordered the M2 Z-axis upgrade which arrived Friday and has been a bit of a struggle… the OG kit was much easier to get up and running which was quite surprising.

First thing, the laptop we were using had to be retired as Makerverse only runs on 64bit systems, no problem as we have a few laptops. After starting all the way over from scratch we got SOMETHING to happen with Makerverse and the M2, unfortunately that something was the Z axis tearing itself apart (limits/zero/flopped direction). The first time we attempted Z-axis calibration the z sled was not centered, the axis was flopped, the default limits were set incorrectly and travel scale was set wrong which cause the machine to run into itself and rip the screw out of the bearings. Everything has been put back together and seems to be ok… I’ve set 36mm +/- limits so it can’t happen again (certainly not the 3.8"/96mm mentioned so I’m unsure where that number comes from).

After following the only current calibration How-To vids I could find (Thank you 2 Tankard Creations!) we discovered two issues that we were overlooked during calibration; his technique for finding the motor centers from each other and the work is SPOT ON, FOLLOW IT!! In addition he explained the Z-scaling very well, it was not clear that the process needed to be repeated until your delta equals zero, pro tip right there FOLLOW THAT TOO!!

Onto the issue at hand, as the title says, I’ve made it to the “Chains” portion of calibration and am at a loss for how to get BOTH gears at 12 o’clock. The cotter pin will not fit in the barrel end of the chain so a nail was used, both chains were tightened and centered and we can get the left motor to the 12 o’clock position but the right motor does it’s own thing. No combinations we tried got BOTH motors to 12 noon and now we’re here. On the old software you could control the motors independently and rotate them by degrees. I contemplated removing the gears but that can’t be right as the set screw needs to engage the flat portion. What are we missing? I’m certain it’s something simple!

Thank you all in advance!

X-axis allowed in this screen so it was possible to get a pair of NOON gears, however…

Two screens later the X-axis is no longer allowed thus making a pair of noon gears seemingly impossible. They can get close but not what I would consider to be precise.

Are we intended to bounce back and forth between steps to get both settings dead nuts?

Thanks again!

The Makerverse calibration seems to be completely broken at the moment. This is all very frustrating.

Hi, same problem here - any solution to move the sprockets to 12 o’clock independently in makerverst?