Change sprocket to timing pulley belt

I started a thread about this awhile ago but I wanted to keep this really simple.
Instead of discussing theoretical setups I’ve chosen a pulley I’d like to know where to change the information in the firmware or in ground control?
I know I should probably be searching this more, but I’m standing here and I’m ready to do it and I’m just raring to go after several months of health issues and not being able to work on it and not knowing if I’m going to feel good enough tomorrow to try it again.
Help me Maslow CNC you’re my only hope…
Martin Part number 22XL037
Martin DF-1 Style Timing Pulley, 1/5" Pitch, Extra Light, 1/4 and 3/8" Wide Belts, 0.25" Bore
Is that all the info I need?
Here’s the link if anyone is interested.
I am using the Maslow stock motors and I am aware the bore is wrong but I’ve got that covered…

I really appreciate any help I can get on this it means a lot to me.
I WILL share my set up and video of whatever result I get…
Pinky promise.


you also need the number of teeth on the pully

David Lang

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That looks good to me. There are a couple settings you will want to change (mostly number of teeth and the pitch between notches on the belt) which Ground Control will use to calculate the distance moved per rotation.

If you have any trouble with the settings when you have it all together let us know and we will be happy to help!


Ok, health, unfortunately, again, has kept me from this project, but allas NO MORE! I’m feeling much better, wife and kids are out doing something somewhere with someone else so I’ve got the whole place to myself AND I’m feeling better for hopefully 3-4 days! Time to put this baby to bed…
Here’s what I got for timing pulleys…
Number of teeth: 22
Outside diameter: 1.381 in

Belt width: 3/8 in, 1/4 in Material: Cast Iron
Pitch: 0.2 in
Length through bore: 7/8 in
Bore diameter: 1/4 to 3/4 in Face width: 9/16 in
Flange outside diameter: 1.63 in Pulley construction: Plain
Pitch diameter: 1.401 in Number of hubs: 1
Belt type: XL
Hub diameter: 1 in
Bore type: Rough Stock
Hub projection: 5/16 in
With flanges: With Flanges

Sooooo, that MUST be EVERYTHING, right? Has to be…


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A cast iron timing belt? Where’d you find that?

I’m building the first Medieval Maslow CNC (Creek Nature Control)…

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