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Changed the work area do I have to recalibrate?

I added a length of unistrut to support the bottom insert panel, which in turn supports the 4x8 plywood workpiece, so it is higher by almost two inches (closer to the motors). When I’m positioning the image to be cut (I run the g-code with the router off, and z-axis really high to see how close to the edge it can go in reality), I see I can go a couple of more inches, but within webcontrol it is off the sheet. From memory, that won’t work.

Do I just tell it the new distance to the motors?

If I scarf extensions onto a sheet of plywood making it say 5x9, do you just tell webcontrol the new dimensions? I have an oversized Maslow.

I suppose when I initially calibrated, I could have told it the size including the skirts, would that have made it more accurate in the standard size cutting area, or is there a limit that you can tell it. ( in other words drilling the calibration holes into the extensions) just in case I want to scarf sheets to 4x16 for an extra long Maslow!

go back through the quick configure in the actions menu and make sure your numbers are correct. After setting the values do your recalibration cuts again.

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