Changes made and best results yet

Several changes made to the Maslow recently and they are garnering the best results so far.

  1. Installed the wooden linkage kit. (odd you can still smell the burned wood when you open the envelope it comes in) I used 220 sandpaper and some paste wax to make everything move a little smoother and easier. I used a hole saw to cut plywood plugs that I could stack to use as mounts for the mounting bolts. I also used some 2p10 glue to stick them together. If you’ve never used 2p10 you are missing out.

  1. installed 1.11 and used it to do calibration. Hats off to Bar the new cut pattern is miles ahead of the last. I like that it uses more of the work surface and you actually measure from one cut to the top of the workspace. great move.

I cut a 6" square on the left side of the machine toward the middle bottom you can see the location of the cut out here:

and the results are the best I’ve had so far:

I am very pleased with the results and cant wait to rework some old designs.

Here’s a pic of my shop dog, just because she’s awesome:


All credit goes to the community! That one was written and tested by the community, I just woke up one morning and it was new :grin: Is “great move” a pun? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: