Christmas Display 2019

Here is a video of my Christmas display with most of the characters drawn and cut but the CNC. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!!!


Absolutely amazing!!!

How do you stand up your yard art? Searching the web has not revealed much. I am currently using a modified version of this guy’s work However, still looking for other ideas.

I don’t do it the right way. I use 1x2s and hammer them in the ground. Then I brad nail them with a gun to the board. I only put two in each and it holds them up for the season. I also have them a couple of inches off the ground. I created a bracket that can be 3d printed but I didn’t do try it this year.
I have attached the file below.

Part Studio 1.stl (116.1 KB)

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I’ve used 3/4 EMT successfully to prop up letters and signs:
I attach one or two EMT pipes to sign with conduit clips
I lay sign flat on ground to see where it exactly attaches
I cut 2’ straight rebar sticks, hammer them 1’ into ground and slide EMT pipes on top of rebar.
This makes for a very sturdy sign that can be easily removed when the event is done.


Turned out fantastic! Great job. Loved seeing all the pieces come together.

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