Star wars signs from the holidays

After cutting a lot of functional (but boring) boxes and templates for my stone and cabinet shop, I finally made some aesthetic pieces.

I got the images from an artist I saw on imgur, Liam Ashurst (

I had to turn them into vectors and clean up some of the text- it was my first time playing with the decorative side of my cnc. Also my first project cut into rigid foam- had to play around with spindle speeds, and stepover on the bits since the foam “flexed” out of the way so much (60% was the max without doing a ton of clean up).

After that I made scenic dope to cover the signs and help with sanding and finishing. I used it over the whole of one sign, and then painted it after sanding. I made one to completion and gave my sister and her boyfriend instructions and free use of my shop to do the rest however they like.

Turned out pretty good- my ulterior motive was to get some experience so I can draw up and carve decorative panels for my soon to be son’s nursery. I like the idea of coated foam better than painting a wall, so I’ll post that when i get it done.


Those look great! SOOOOOO because I’m a nerd, I wonder how it would look to take a thin piece of acrylic and stick it into the edge of the sign where the light saber top is… Couple of green, blue, or red LED’s edge lighting the acrylic?


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